March 2018 Newsletter

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The Theme of the Church Year – March 2018


This year in my pastor’s page each month I will be talking about the Theme of the Liturgical Church Year for that month.  The month of March is the Lenten season of the Liturgical Church Year. The word Lent comes from the old English and German word for Spring.  Though spring officially comes during the Lenten season, here in the mountains of Colorado this time of the year is usually more wintery than spring like.

The theme for this year’s Lenten season is “Thy Will Be Done.” On Maundy Thursday, our Lord went to the garden of Gethsemane outside of Jerusalem.  Jesus took His disciples to this garden to pray as He prepares to meet the suffering and pain that He knew He would face in the next 24 hours, from his arrest, trial, scourging, crucifixion and death.  In Matthew, Mark and Luke we are told that Jesus asked the disciples to pray while He went a little further away and prayed.  Each time He prayed, “Father, if it is Your will, remove this cup from Me.  Nevertheless, not my will, but Your will be done.” (Lk 22:42)

Jesus knew that God’s will was for Him to take all the sins of the world to the Cross of Calvary and suffer hell for us.  That didn’t mean that it was what His human nature was looking forward to, but it was what He knew He needed to do, so He goes to His Heavenly Father in prayer for help and strength to do the will of God in His life. God’s Will being Done doesn’t mean the easiest way in life, but a life that strives to let God’s will to be done in our lives as God works in our lives through His Word and Sacraments. Jesus, the Son of God needed the strength that His Father and the Holy Spirit could give to Him and so He goes to them in prayer for that strength to resist the old Evil foes temptations.

During this Lenten Season, we will be given example after example of God’s Will being done in the lives of people, who are following Christ before the birth of Christ, during the life of Christ and after the life of Christ. These people may have lived in a different time, but they were dealing with the same problems that we are today. As we see the will of God being done in the lives of these people in the Bible and in the life of Christ, Himself, it is my hope that we will learn how God works in our lives to enable His will to be done in this world and how it has an effect on others, even those who live hundreds of years after them.

During this Lenten Season, our midweek Lenten services will be looking at Individual Christians who have allowed God to work in their lives and how God’s Will was done in their lives, which has been a benefit for all of us.  In the Sunday morning services, we will be focusing on how, through the passion of Jesus Christ, God’s will has been accomplished for us through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.  God’s will comes to a climax on Good Friday, March 30 and then His will is fulfilled completely with His Son’s resurrection on Easter morning, April 1. God’s will from the beginning of time has been that all of us would live with Him for all eternity in His perfect love, peace and joy.

God’s will is being done in our lives as we let God’s Word be a part of our daily life.  As we let God’s Word be a part of our lives the Holy Spirit goes to work in our lives to enable us to have faith in God, to grow in that faith and trust in God, which brings us to share God’s Word and love with others so that they too will learn about God’s will and allow His will to be a part of their life. God’s Will is not what the devil, the world and our sinful nature want, which is why we need to pray to Jesus for the strength to meet all the trials that we will have in this world and strive to let God’s Will be done in our lives so that God’s love will be shared with others and we can live in the perfect love, peace and joy of God’s will for eternity.

It is my hope that March 2018 will be filled with opportunities to grow in your knowledge of how God’s will is being done in your life and how you can show God’s will in your life to others through God’s love and word.                            

Pastor Pete Scheele