Maundy Thursday, April 18th

  • Passover Seder Meal at 6 pm
  • Maundy Thursday Service with Communion at 7:30 pm
Good Friday, April 19th
  • Good Friday service at 7 pm
Easter Sunday, April 21st
  •  Sunrise Easter service with communion at 6:30 am
  •  Easter Breakfast at 8 am
  •  Easter Egg Hunt at 9 am
  •  Easter Service with Communion 10 am

Printable Pastor’s Message and Scripture Readings for April, 2019

An Apostle’s Life – April 2019

This year in my pastor’s page each month I will be telling you about the life of one of the Apostles of Jesus.  I will be doing this in the first person, as if I were that Apostle talking to you about my life as an Apostle of Jesus. Not all of this information can be found in the Bible but it is what Bible scholars would say is what the Apostles life could have been like. My hope is that you will learn more about this Apostle and learn how you too can be a disciple of Jesus as they were.

My name is John, the son of Zebedee.  I am the youngest son of Zebedee. My father ran fishing boats in the Sea of Galilee and was also a member of the Sanhedrin, the ruling congress of the Jewish people of my time. From the time that I was born I knew that I was privileged, my family was well off and my father was well respected.  I learned the trade of fishing, but my mind and spirit was always looking for something more. My mother Salome encouraged me to explore and learn and that is what I was doing when I went to listen to words of John the Baptist.  I learned about the Messiah and when John the Baptist pointed Him out to us we followed Him, that is Andrew and me. Oh, I never used my name in my Gospel writing because the name of John should be related to John the Baptist and not to me.

I thought that I was privileged, but I soon learned that the greatest privilege I had was to come to know the love of Jesus Christ for me and for the rest of the world.  Oh, I was loved by Jesus and He taught me a lot about how to love others as He loved me.  It’s not easy and the whole time that I was living on the earth I found myself failing to love others the way that Jesus loved me. In those times I would remember Jesus’ Words and strive to follow what Jesus had taught all of us about the Love of God for us.

Yes, I would say that it was a privilege to be loved by Jesus and to know and love Jesus when He was fulfilling all the promises of God for us. I was given so many opportunities to learn from Jesus from the day that Andrew and I sat and talked with Him, all the way until the day that we met Him on the mount of Olive and He ascended up to sit at the right hand of God in heaven. Oh, there were times when I fell back into my-self privileged attitude and it usually got me in trouble.  Maybe that is why Jesus often called James and me, the sons of Thunder. I was with Jesus when He did each of His miracles.  I was with Jesus when He was transfigured into all His glory on the mount of Transfiguration.  I was standing in the gallery of the Sanhedrin, when Jesus was condemned by the Jewish council.  I followed Jesus up the mountain and watched him hang from the cross of Calvary for all our sins and obeyed His words to me and made sure that His mother, Mary, was well taken care of the rest of her life.

There were times when it’s hard to see the privilege of be a disciple of Jesus.  Like when my brother’s head was chopped off and when I was boiled in the oil by the Roman rulers in Ephesus for being a leader of the Christian faith. It sure looked like there was not much privilege of being a disciple of Jesus when I was just trying to survive on the island of Patmos as a prisoner of Nero.  But each time that I started to question the privilege of knowing the love of God in my life I remembered Jesus’ words and His touch and that would strengthen me again in the love and assurance that only God can give to us. I knew that whatever happens in my life I would be privileged to know and love Jesus Christ. I shared that privilege wherever I could all the way up to my last word before going to my heavenly home.  I hope to see all of you up here some day after you have shared the privilege of God’s love with others in your life.

My hope is that you will grow in the love of Jesus Christ during this month as you journey with Him to the Cross of Calvary and then to His resurrection, on Easter.  Share the privilege of having the love of God in your life so that others can come to know the true light of the world with you. Amen.

Pastor Pete Scheele

Printable Pastor’s Message and Scripture Readings for March, 2019, and Feb. Church Council Minutes