Printable December 2017 Newsletter

Children’s Christmas Program

This year’s Children’s Christmas Program will be during the worship Service on December 17 at 9am.  Come learn about the traditions of Christmas. You don’t want to miss it!

Lutheran Annual and The Lutheran Witness

It is time to order your 2018 Lutheran Annual and/or Lutheran Witness.  The cost for the Lutheran Annual  is $28.00, and the cost for the Lutheran Witness is $23.00.  To place an order for the Lutheran Annual, please talk to Pastor Scheele or give him a note with your name on it and the desire for an Annual.  To place an order for the Lutheran Witness, please put a check into the offering plate made out to Shepherd of the Rockies for $23.00 with “Lutheran Witness “ in the memo line.  Orders will be placed at the end of December.


Our Christmas brunch will be on Sunday, December 10.  Spouses are invited to attend as we could not do all the work that we do without the support of the men! We will be meeting at El Rancho Restaurant in Evergreen – time to be determined (1:00 or 1:30 pm). Please RSVP with Cathy Thiesen or ask her if you have any questions.

Operations Christmas Child

Another big THANK YOU  to everyone who participated in filling shoe boxes for children around the world.  Your enthusiastic response was wonderful!  We delivered 35 boxes.  Some of us registered the boxes on-line, so it will be interesting to see where they end up.  Thanks to you especially from the 35 children you will have made very happy!

2018 Goals for Shepherd of the Rockies

1. Work on communication with one another and the community by

  • Announcements after Service
  • Activities listed in the Newsletter and Bulletin
  • Have activities involving the fire pit & invite the community
  • Conifer Parade & Bailey Days

2. Evangelism Program

  • Invite people to come to church
  • Group canvassing day
  • Info on Internet & Web page
  • Host community dinners and other activities

3. Improve music & sound in the church

  • Upgrade sound system & have someone controlling a soundboard
  • Involve more people in playing instruments and singing
  • Get the choir started again
  • Repair the organ
  • Have music from the piano come from the front of the church
  • Strive for music that is familiar
  • Incorporate contemporary hymns that are doctrinally sound
  • Upgrade video and sound systems in Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall

4. Improve the condition of the Sanctuary, church exterior, and play ground by

  • Install panic bar exit on all exterior doors
  • Repaint the Sanctuary walls and ceiling
  • Paint Sanctuary exterior and repair broken siding
  • Make the Church front entrance more appealing
  • Repair lights on cross