Are You Looking For …

  • some hope?
  • some guidance?
  • some spiritual growth?
  • a church that confesses and teaches the truth of God’s Word?
  • a family-oriented Church?


Well Then

We invite you to Shepherd of the Rockies Lutheran Church in Bailey, Colorado.

  • we come and learn about the HOPE given to us by God’s Grace and Mercy.
  • we join in Fellowship, Worship, Growing in our faith in Jesus Christ and Learning more about the wonders of God working in our lives.
  • we grow  in our understanding of all the blessings God gives to us by His Word and Sacraments.
  • by being involved in our Sunday School,  Bible Classes, Vacation Bible School and Worship. We are a Church that is both Family oriented and family centered in God’s Word.
  • get involved in meeting the needs of the community of the Bailey area both Spiritually and physically.

We invite You to join us as we enter God’s House with Thanksgiving for a better now and future by . . .

  • coming to know Your Creator and Lord.
  • sharing the love and comfort that God has given to through His Son, Jesus Christ.
  • reaching out to others with the Love of God and the Good News of our salvation.

We invite You to hear how much God loves You and wants you and your family to be with Him for all eternity

We Believe that . . . READ MORE

We are an active and friendly Church that iskitchen growing:


  • in God’s Word
  • in Worship
  • Sunday School (for all ages)
  • in Bible Study (both on Sunday and during the week)
  • in Youth Activities
  • as a Church (both in our facility and spiritual lives together.)
  • in fellowship


WHO WE ARE: Fire Adapted Bailey